Clinical Studies Reveal Acupuncture Helps Fight Influenza

Two independent investigations conducted in China have shown acupuncture to be effective in relieving flu symptoms, and in shortening the duration of the illness. Researchers from Taizhou Municipal Hospital studied 80 patients diagnosed with H1N1 influenza. Forty patients were given Tamiflu alone, and forty were given Tamiflu plus acupuncture. The patients treated with acupuncture had significantly shorter recovery times for relieving fever, pharyngodynia (pharynx or throat pain), and coughing. The researchers concluded that the addition of acupuncture increased the effectiveness of Tamiflu in the treatment of influenza. Furthermore, the researchers concluded that acupuncture is both effecti

Are Viruses Friend or Foe? Fresh Ideas on Natural Immunity and How to Best Support Your "Righte

We all know people who never get sick. Others around them are falling ill with all manner of viruses and yet they seem to be annoyingly resistant. Is it just genetic, we wonder? Did they inherit the “lucky genes”? Whatever the reason, they seem to be immune to the sea of viruses, bacteria and other potentially pathological microorganisms permeating the same environment we all share. Other unfortunates seem to pick up every virus that floats past them, and to get sicker than others from the same “bug”. Regardless of these obvious differences in susceptibility, our culture seems obsessed with protecting absolutely everyone against infection and viruses, as if we are all "headed to the guilloti

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