Craniosacral Therapy: Releasing Emotions and Pain

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands on therapy technique that helps to release tensions deep within the body to relieve pain, dysfunction, and stored emotion from our cells. Everyday we encounter stress and strains in our body through activity, poor posture, inflammation, emotional trauma and stress. Our body tries to compensate in numerous ways. This often causes our body tissues to tighten, which can distort the craniosacral system (our brain, spine and cerebral spinal fluid that runs through it) and result in restrictions to health performance. The tightening of our body tissues affects our bones and muscles, organs, nerves, blood and lymph flow, by pulling on the fascia that s

Six Ways to Maximize Brain & Mood Health

Depression and anxiety are an epidemic in America. In fact, depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide! The World Health Organization has estimated that by the year 2020, depression will be the second largest cause of suffering--next only to heart disease. What is equally disturbing are research reports that reveal taking antidepressants are in many cases no more effective than a placebo, and in some cases exceedingly dangerous and even lead to suicides. Researchers in Boston, for example, looked at more than 136,000 women between the ages of fifty and seventy-nine, and discovered a clear link between those who were using antidepressants and their risk for strokes and death in ge

Clinical Study: Acupuncture Effective for Depression and Anxiety

In a German university study conducted in March 2000, Eich and colleagues conducted a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study involving 43 people with mild depression and 13 patients with generalized anxiety disorder. In the patients treated with verum (real) acupuncture, 60.7% experienced significant improvement in overall rating scores following 10 sessions. An even higher response of 85.7% was recorded among the group with anxiety disorder. Notably, no improvement was reported after 5 sessions, but significant improvement occurred after 10 sessions. This illustrates the cumulative effect of acupuncture on mood, and the necessity for patients coming in specifically to treat mood

Emotional and Physical Pain: Are They Inextricably Connected?

Many years ago (if I will admit my age it was probably sometime in the early 1990’s), one of my frequent reference books was called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. Some of you might remember it too. It hit the New York Times Bestseller list in 1988 after she was invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show. In the book, Louise talks about her journey healing from breast cancer using the power of positive thought. She goes into a troubled childhood and the thought processes that emerged. It was her belief that her negative self-thinking had created (or at least greatly contributed to) the cancer. My favorite part of the book was the reference section at the back. In a neat three-colum

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