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Acupuncture Treatments for Infertility in Denver, CO

Infertility Treatments

In the United States an estimated 15% of the population is considered infertile. Chinese herbs and acupuncture can not only increase fertility, but target important underlying health issues that are the cause of infertility in parents. The outcome? Natural conception to parents better able to manage stresses of the early years.


Chinese medicine has a long successful history of promoting fertility, with records of herbal therapy dating as far back as 200 AD. In fact, fertility management is highly researched in China, and studies reveal Chinese herbal formulas to be safe and effective in treating infertility with virtually no side effects. Current research shows that Chinese medicine averages 70% effectiveness in all infertility cases for both men and women versus stand alone IVF procedures with a 20% effectiveness rate. View the following clinical case study, including 1881 participants, for more information.


Some of the many ways that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine boost fertility and increase the likelihood of a viable pregnancy and successful birth include:


  • Regulating hormones - PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids

  • Encouraging a healthy menstrual cycle

  • Reducing the effects of chronically high stress or lack of sleep

  • Improving digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • Supporting the elimination of toxins (endocrine disruptors/xenoestrogens) and improving the response to endogenous hormones

  • Improving ovarian function for more viable eggs

  • Increasing sperm count and motility and quality

  • Encouraging blood flow to the uterus - healthy endometrial lining is crucial for embryo implantation and to support a full-term pregnancy

  • Countering the side effects of Western medical drugs used in IVF and IUI

  • Supporting pregnancy and preparing the body for labor In later stages of pregnancy


To learn more about the treatment of infertility with Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbs, please read "Conceive Naturally With Chinese Medicine", and "Natural Treatments for Male Infertility", also posted on our blog.



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