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Midwifery Services

New Leaf Midwifery is dedicated to the Midwifery Model of Care.


The Midwifery Model of Care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. The midwife’s role is that of a guide, offering information and respecting the mother’s and her family’s voices while being a guardian of safety. Our goal is to partner with you, encourage your journey and enhance a joyful pregnancy and birth.


Care begins as early as 4-6 weeks but typically by 8 weeks pregnant, and continues through birth and 6 weeks post partum for a healthy mom and baby. Many women don't need to see any other provider during their pregnancy, with the exception of an ultrasound if desired.  Water birth is supported and available as an option.  Home birth babies are not taken away to any warmer or nursery, but all the care is provided right there with mom and the family.  This a more gentle transition for our babies.


In home birth and true midwifery care, you are never a number. You are treated by design, with individualized, compassionate care. You will know your midwife well by birth.  It is the continuity of care that occurs throughout your prenatal appointments, birth and postpartum that truly provides the best care for mom and baby.  Often you are able to feel more prepared and at peace before the birth. 


We find it is easier to find your own rhythm in the comfort of your own environment, thus birthing instinctively, naturally and drug free. Your hormones actually are working more efficiently when you are not feeling threatened in any way.  If we feel safe during labor, birth gives us the biggest Oxytocin (the love hormone) rush of our lives, which creates strong bonds to our baby.  If we are connected at birth, then how much more intuitive are we to our children. This is where birth is life-changing. 


Breastfeeding happens naturally and is baby-led, most often without being forced or rushed. If issues arise, we begin with herbs and homeopathy and often minimize technological or medical interventions. Only when necessary do we use conventional medicine or refer to higher care.


"If you are one of the over 75% of all women with a normal pregnancy the safest birth attendant for you is a midwife" - Marsden Wagner, MD. 


Home birth serves women with normal pregnancy and birth processes; thus, we have the potential to serve the majority of the population. New Leaf Midwifery appreciates the diversity of women that are drawn to home birth and has worked with women-of-size, women-of-color, various family arrangements, ethnic backgrounds, and social-economic situations. 


We can care for women with a single previous c-section under most circumstances. Normal means low-risk in the medical world. This excludes situations such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, severe anemia unresolved from treatment, blood or clotting disorders, heart problems controlled by medication, and HIV+ among others.  Contact us to talk about your specific circumstance. 


Insurance coverage is based on individual plans and typically out-of-network coverage. A reduced cash pay price is available for high-deducible plans or those with no insurance coverage. A few sliding scale slots are available to those with financial hardship.


For more information about Jen Anderson-Tarver, CPM, RM, you can read her bio on our practitioner page, or visit her website at:

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