Resolve Cold and Flu Invasions Quickly with Chinese Herbal Remedies

Flu is raging in Colorado and across the nation right now, and the only recommendation by conventional medicine is to go in and get your flu shot. Here in the world of Chinese medicine, we recommend stocking up on specific herbal formulas that will chase the nasty bug away if it bites you! I have been using Chinese herbal medicine for so long, that I am always surprised when patients come in having just come back from the doctor with another antibiotic for a sinus or respiratory infection following a bad cold or flu episode. I think to myself: why did they wait so long to come in? And I realize yet again that most patients do not comprehend the power of Chinese herbs, nor understand how to u

Conquer Insomnia, Depression, Poor Memory & Anxiety by Balancing Your Brain Neurotransmitters

In some ways, the one organ that sets us apart from all other species on the planet--our incredible human brain--is the least understood organ with regard to human health. Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, and other neuro-degenerative conditions have no known cure, and patients are often simply provided with palliative care as the condition advances. While Alzheimer’s and dementia collectively afflict nearly 100 million people worldwide, depression has become the number one disability, affecting over 350 million people. What about insomnia, another common brain imbalance with debilitating side effects? An estimated thirty to fifty percent of the general population experience a period of in

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