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About Us - Denver Community Acupuncture

About Us

Denver Community Acupuncture

A Partnership in Affordable Acupuncture with Our Local Communities

Denver Community Acupuncture is a well established, women-owned community acupuncture and holistic health care clinic in the Denver Highlands. But we are different from most other private acupuncture clinics!


How are we different?

While providing our patients with top quality acupuncture from our team of highly seasoned practitioners, we form a partnership with them in order to make acupuncture so affordable that everyone may benefit.


How do we do this?

We do this by offering acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale. This encourages those who can contribute more at a given time to help support the treatments of those who are less able at that time. This means that if you feel inspired, you can use the power of your dollar to contribute toward others less fortunate in receiving the wonderful benefits of acupuncture--while still paying less than private, and receiving the same high quality care.


Why are we doing this?

We seek to empower everyone within our local communities to live healthier lives. We recognize that by uplifting one individual, we uplift all in our communities. Over time, this slowly trickles down into society affecting us all in ways that we cannot fully comprehend.


This endeavor is at no time more important than during the Covid-19 pandemic, with so many in our local communities currently experiencing either pronounced financial stress and/or social isolation and resulting depression. We wish to provide relief from the pain, discomfort, stress, isolation and financial burden of acute and chronic illness through our services, so that we can truly embody the meaning of "caring for our community".

And we offer so much more...

From our experienced Chinese herbalists to our "health sleuth" naturopathic physician, from our extraordinary midwife, to our dedicated team of expert massage therapists, we collectively combine healthcare expertise that will help you to meet your family and wellness goals, heal from illness, and experience what we hope is a truly integrative experience.

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