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Denver Massage therapy
Massage Therapy in Denver

Massage Therapies

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is specifically tailored to support a woman during the many changes her body goes through. It improves circulation (which reduces edema), decreases pain (which makes it easier and more comfortable for her to sleep), and makes her feel better overall. If she feels great, the baby knows and feels it too.


Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage accelerates the healing process, soothes sore muscles strained during birth, and makes a new mother feel refreshed even with the lack of sleep. Postpartum massage can help encourage the new mother’s body to come back to its pre-pregnancy posture, as well as relieve fatigue in muscles that are over worked from feeding and caring for a newborn baby. This is a very special time for a woman who is going through many physical, emotional and lifestyle changes from pregnancy to motherhood. This massage can be a great support for her during this time

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage increases relaxation, reduces pain and benefits the immune system using a combination of light and deep pressure plus broad and specific strokes to promote circulation.

Massage Therapy Services in Denver
Infant Massage Therapy in Denver
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