At Denver Community Acupuncture, we are humbled to be able to work with people from all walks of life. Serving the greater Denver area, we have been able to help people from all ages and all stages of life to achieve a better state of health and wellness. 

"I am retired, and still very busy in my life. So I needed a place that could not only refresh my body, but ease my mind about the aging issues. That place is Denver Community Acupuncture and massage. The treatments have been wonderful, addressing my issues without throwing a bunch of pills at me. I have experienced real relief from my aches and pains, with NO side effects (as some medications had been doing to me). I have been treated with respect and dignity, and enjoy the flexibility of sliding scale payments. It is the best treatment I have had, ever."
                                                                               T.P., 70
"As a young professional, life can often be stressful and consuming. I came to DCA with a variety of concerns regarding my overall wealth and well-being. From the first moment with Kate, I have felt a significant improvement in my energy, awareness, and all around physical & emotional health. I get excited for each visit and the positive effect each has on my body and mood. I highly recommend treating oneself to the lessons and care provided at DCA." 

P.H., 29

"Last summer I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. The pain was so bad I could not walk without a cane to support me. I saw your facility on 29th Avenue and decided to try acupuncture. I contacted DCA and was set up with Adrienne as my acupuncturist. Adrienne is an excellent person at acupuncture. Within three sessions I had found great relief from my pain and after the fourth session I was able to stop taking most pain medications both during the day and at night. I continued with weekly sessions until I had my knee replacement surgery in late September. The surgery went very well and I returned to have follow-up sessions to help with pain control and to right issues with my gastro-intestinal system due to medications from the surgery. I am presently mostly pain free and my gastro-intestinal system is working very well. Thank you DCA and Adrienne." 

S.R., 65

"As a person who isn't big on needles I never thought about doing any type of acupuncture. A friend recommended I look into acupuncture after having several miscarriages. I researched several different acupuncture businesses and was lucky enough to come across Denver Community Acupuncture. I really liked the style of community acupuncture (being treated in a big room with other people) because it would make it more affordable to go every week.
 Soon after starting acupuncture my end goal became a reality because of the women at DCA. They have an amazing family there, not to mention the other practitioners who all collectively collaborate with each other to help their clients. I was able to continue my acupuncture treatments safely throughout my pregnancy, and I was able curb nearly all my nausea, stress, and most importantly I was able to sleep! I would highly recommend anyone go to DCA. The staff is amazing, friendly and they help educate you during your treatment. I am now a true believer that acupuncture can help with anything (including colds)."
                                                                                I.H., 35
"I started going to DCA to see Dr. Caitlin O'Connor with some issues my previous doctors were treating with very powerful meds. We set up a great treatment plan incorporating acupuncture and 1 supplement and it has been 2 years and all of my labs look great and I feel great! I still see my other doctors and they were all onboard with my new plan and I am forever thankful to Caitlin for getting my body on track in a wholesome, healthy way.
"The community acupuncture is a hidden gem! I used to live in North Carolina and would pay $100 a session. Since moving to Denver and coming here it is a sliding scale of $25-$45. I was a bit wary at first because of the community setting but in no time was very comfortable. The acupuncturist takes time to understand the nature of why I was coming in and offered advice.. There are others in the room but the light is very dim, very comfortable chairs that recline with pillows and they even have little feet heaters to make the experience that much more comfortable. If you are wearing clothes (like tight skinny jeans) that you can't roll up very far on your leg, they will put you in another room with a curtain so that you can get the treatment you need without feeling exposed.This place has my business for life. They are such a great team!!"
                                                                      C Lynn. L.


"I really, really like this place. $25 for an hour long acupuncture session? Yes please. This low price only applies if you receive your acupuncture in the community treatment room, which is warm, comfortable, and always emitting calm, positive vibes. I cannot seem to get through a session without falling asleep... it's just so damn relaxing!The two practitioners I have worked with are very friendly and professional. Thank you DCA for making acupuncture affordable to us broke folks!"
"DCA is truly amazing! I have been going there for 8 months and now cannot imagine my life without it. I originally started with acupuncture and now see the esthetician and therapist. I have had treatments from all of the acupuncturists and can't pick a favorite, they are all brilliant at what they do. I would recommend this gem to anyone!"


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