Remote Herb Consults

We are offering Chinese herb consults through teleconference for a wide range of health issues, including women's health, stress and sleep issues, anxiety and depression, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, skin disorders, and even pain (headache, joint pain, etc). They are also an effective method of treating viral and bacterial infection, including COVID-19.

We have access to information from TCM doctors in China who have been using specific herbal formulas to treat COVID-19. Many TCM doctors have played a pivotal role in directly treating the outbreaks in communities to prevent people from the need for hospitalization.


Herb Consult Hours:

Monday 11am - 4pm (Darcy)

Tuesday 11am - 4pm (Darcy)

Wednesday 11am - 4pm (Kate)

Thursday 11am - 4pm (Kate)

If you are interested in scheduling an herbal consult, you can send an email to, or leave a voice message, as we will be checking messages daily:

Please note: Consults for treatment of viral illnesses or COVID-19 includes both an initial 30 minute consult by teleconference, and daily follow-up emails (or quick teleconference calls) to track symptoms in order to change up the formula if necessary. We are installing a lockbox outside of our clinic from which you can collect your prescribed herbs at your convenience. Our goal is to get the herbs to our patients within hours, if need be.


Remote Herb Consult FAQ regarding COVID-19:

What are the herb consults for?


We are offering herb consults in both the prevention and treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms or other viral infections. As early symptoms of COVID-19 are virtually identical to those of the common cold and flu, we are encouraging people with these types of symptoms to utilize herbal formulas in catching and mitigating effects of potential COVID-19 infection. Please view the following articles on our Blog for more information: "Chinese Herbs and the Treatment of COVID-19: Part 1" and "Chinese Herbs and the Treatment of COVID-19: Part 2".


NOTE: If you are having viral symptoms, we encourage you to schedule at the earliest possible time. Catching symptoms early is the key to successful prevention of more serious symptoms as the virus progresses.


In addition, as we are currently unable to practice acupuncture until at least mid April, we can treat with Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs can be effective for a wide range of conditions, including women's health issues (PMS and menopausal syndrome), mood issues (anxiety, depression, and sleep issues), digestive issues, respiratory issues (allergies, sinus infection, asthma), headaches and migraines, joint pain, and more. You can learn more about treating with Chinese herbal medicine here.  

Can I schedule a consult to help with prevention of COVID-19, even if I don't have symptoms?


YES! The best time to treat is always BEFORE symptoms occur. In China they have made widespread use of Chinese formulas in hospitals to prevent medical faculty from getting infected with SARS and COVID-19. Clinical studies have revealed this to be a potential effective prevention strategy. For example, this study during the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong in 2003 looked at 16,437 workers in 11 hospitals, including nurses and doctors, and was composed of 1063 in the herb group, and 15,374 in the non-herb group. Of those in the herb group, zero became infected and of those in the non-herb group, 64 became infected, or 0.4%.


You can also listen to this interview with a TCM doctor in Wuhan, discussing both herbs used for patients diagnosed with COVID--19 within local communities and hospitals, and specific formulas used to prevent infection in hospital personnel. In the interview, the doctor states that he believes herbal medicine to be superior to Western medicine in the early to moderate stages of COVID-19 infection.

In the herb consult, we will gather any information that helps us figure out how to best support your constitution, and then combine your constitutional formula with herbs that actively prevent COVID-19 infection.


What can I expect during an herb consult?


Consults are 30 minutes in length, although for some patients we may only need 15-20 minutes. We will ask questions about your symptoms, including current lifestyle, diet and relevant health history. Expect that we will ask you to text or email us a picture your tongue! The tongue can provide valuable diagnostic information.


NOTE: Please do not brush your tongue the day of the consult, and make sure you are in a room with adequate light, especially daylight.


How do I schedule a consult?


If you are a return patient at DCA, you can schedule directly through the same MindBody scheduling system that we normally use for acupuncture appointments. Alternatively, you can either leave us a voicemail (we are checking messages daily), or send an email to the address below with "Herb Consult" in the headline, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Once we schedule you in, we will provide you with an emailed Google form to fill out describing your current symptoms, and a brief disclaimer to sign. Within 24 hours of your appointment, you should receive a link to our teleconference platform, which you can click on at your appointed time.


If you are a new patient seeking to schedule an herb consult, we will have you fill out our new patient forms, which can be downloaded directly off of our website, and email, mail, or fax them in. For urgent appointments, you can take a picture of the forms and text them to us. Due to state law, we cannot treat without mandatory disclosure forms signed. We are currently working on creating online forms to expedite treatment for new patients.


How do I receive my herbs?


We have installed a lockbox outside the front entrance of Denver Community Acupuncture. There is a combination code which we will provide for you through email. Your herbs will be inside a bag with your name clearly printed on the outside. Alternatively, if you don't have pressing symptoms, we can have herbs drop shipped directly to your home through online Chinese herbal pharmacies.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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