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Celebrating Ten Wonderful Years of Serving YOU at Denver Community Acupuncture!

I can’t believe Denver Community Acupuncture is 10 years old! I started at DCA as the first employee back in 2011. At that time, I was just back from nearly a year in Costa Rica hoping to find a job doing what I love - acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The DCA clinic has truly been my second home in Denver and as co-owner, I am proud that we have managed to hold to its original mission of providing affordable acupuncture to our wonderful community. In addition to the acupuncture clinic, we’ve had many wonderful holistic practitioners come and go over the years. All of them contributed to the tranquil spirit of health and wellness that we try to share with all our clients and patients.

We know that you have many options for alternative healthcare in Denver and we so appreciate that you’ve chosen to give us a try. Some find what they need in a few visits while others discover we are a welcome addition to the maintenance of their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. One of my favorite patient quotes is “I’m nicer to my kids when I get acupuncture.” At the time, I didn’t have children of my own and didn’t fully appreciate what she meant. As a mother of two, I now value any time I can connect back to myself whether through acupuncture, tai chi, or taking a quiet walk with my dog. I honestly don’t realize how much tension I’m carrying around on a regular basis until it’s been released, at least temporarily.

My first experience with community acupuncture was in Austin while I was still in acupuncture school. It was still a new business model of practice at that time and I loved how accessible it was for anyone to give acupuncture a try. For a new practitioner, community style acupuncture is an amazing way to get good at your craft quickly because you get so much practice. Some practitioners eventually find themselves moving into private practice when they “grow up”. Personally, I find that the longer I practice in this way, the more I love it. Sure there are times where I wish I had more time to have longer conversations and get deeper on certain issues with patients; however one of the great strengths of acupuncture is that it is rooted in the body, meaning that we are trying to get your mind out of the way so the body can improve on its own naturally.

Recently I had a meal with some other acupuncturists and the topic of patients and medications came up. They said most of their patients are quick to take any drug their doctor recommends without first considering other treatment possibilities. I told them I see the opposite phenomenon in my clinic. Every day I go to work, I get at least one patient that specifically says, “my doctor wants me to take this medication but I want to try something else first.” We love to support this mindset! (Of course we also encourage patients to consult with their doctor if we suspect their medical condition might be more serious.) It was then that I realized how important community acupuncture clinics are for offering a low risk opportunity for improving health dramatically--partly because people can afford to come in regularly to get the treatments that they need to provide long term results. To say my heart swelled ten times bigger is an understatement. I love community acupuncture and am so grateful to have been part of this community for ten years. Thank you for supporting us and sharing us with your friends and family all these years. We are here because of you!

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