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Kaitlyn - Health Coach in Denver, CO
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Holistic Health Coaching

As humans our lives revolve around relationship.  Our unique upbringing and life experiences shape our relationships to ourselves, others, the physical world, food, exercise, money, and our spirituality.  The beliefs that we have formed over time about these various areas of our lives, influence the way we feel about ourselves, and often dictate our behavior, usually in ways we aren’t consciously aware of.  


In the health coaching relationship you and your coach will explore how to eat and care for your unique body, but on a deeper level, you’ll explore how the relationship you have to yourself and your life influences the choices you make and why.  By becoming clear about the beliefs you hold that might be limiting, it is then possible to transform those beliefs so that you can put your energy towards nurturing your body and spirit in order to live a life you love.


With this in mind you and your coach will come up with a tailored wellness plan to address your individual health concerns.  This may include a specific diet plan based on your health goals, lifestyle suggestions, breathing and meditation exercises, individualized affirmations, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


As a client you can expect a supportive and nurturing environment in which to explore your health and goals.  Your challenges and goals will be met with compassion and encouragement, with the foundational belief that healing and growth are always available to you!


Kaitlyn Specializes In:


Autoimmune Disease

Cystic Acne

Digestive Imbalances

Hormonal Issues

Body Image Issues






To learn more about Kaitlyn and her Health Coaching Services, please visit our practitioner's page, or contact her directly at:


Embodied Holistic Health

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