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Affordable Acupuncture

If you are looking for affordable acupuncture, our practitioners at Denver Community Acupuncture can help. We keep our Denver acupuncture services inexpensive by offering Community Acupuncture. To offer acupuncture that is affordable for everyone, we offer acupuncture prices on a sliding scale ranging from $35-$65 per treatment, you choose what you feel comfortable paying.

Affordable Acupuncture at Denver Community Acupuncture

What is Community Acupuncture? You may be surprised to learn that Acupuncture has historically been practiced as community-based medicine. In Asia, acupuncture is traditionally practiced in a group setting.

You can remain full clothed during your acupuncture treatment, as our community-style acupuncture focuses on the “distal” points below the knees and elbows.

Most of our patients receive their acupuncture treatments in comfortable recliners, though we also provide two screened-in massage table options, so that we can treat directly in the back or abdominal area as well.

Community Acupuncture helps keep our acupuncture services affordable as many people can receive treatment at the same time.

Covid-19 Prepared: During this time of COVID, we require masks, we are also sure to screen patients and we practice social distancing. We also offer appointments for our affordable acupuncture services during the first hour of all morning shifts exclusively for vulnerable persons. Our affordable acupuncture clinic space is disinfected regularly, using EPA-approved disinfectants and disinfecting guidelines that kill the human coronavirus.

Community Acupuncture can be more powerful! Patients find our community acupuncture very comforting and we feel that the collective energy of many treatments happening at one time actually makes each individual treatment more powerful.

Our affordable acupuncture clinic is located in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver near I-25 and Speer Boulevard.

Affordable Acupuncture in Denver: Denver Community Acupuncture in Highlands Neighborhood

Affordable Denver Holistic Medicine

Denver Community Acupuncture is a woman-owned holistic health care clinic. We offer affordable holistic healing services including: affordable acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, natural fertility treatments, naturopathy, cupping therapy, massage, natural skin care, Tibetan foot soaks, compassionate counseling.

So if you are avoiding acupuncture due to the cost, please contact us today at 720.855.3160 to discuss setting up an appointment and we can make sure it is affordable for you.

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