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8th Annual San Fu Therapy Month

At Denver Community Acupuncture starting July 14 through August 16, 2022

We are pleased to bring San Fu Therapy back to DCA for our eighth summer in a row. We've had many return patients year after year who have seen surprising results from the application of San Fu therapy. This simple yet effective technique has enabled patients who always get sick all winter to enjoy their first winter in years without getting sick or only experiencing mild illness.

The practice of San Fu Therapy is very popular in China, especially for those who wrestle with chronic respiratory complaints and lowered immunity. This may include condition such as asthma, allergies, frequent colds, bronchitis, and emphysema that worsen in cold weather. Also known as the "dog days of summer," this technique utilizes the energy of the hottest and most yang time of year to strengthen the yang of the body in preparation for the winter cold. During the San Fu appointment, a medicinal paste of several “hot” herbs is applied and taped to specific acupuncture points on the back that relate to respiratory and immune health. The paste is generally left on the skin until it feels overly hot and itchy which could be between 2-6 hours. The hot herbs cause irritation to the points, and may even blister which, while not esthetically pleasing, can lead to a stronger response. The herbal paste is applied during three consecutive treatments to different points at each visit. Some may see benefit within one visit, but the real improvement happens when you are able to receive the full sequence of three treatments, three years in a row.

Typically, San Fu treatment dates are based on the Taoist calendar and administered on three to four specific dates in the summer that change yearly based on the Chinese almanac. This year, those dates are: July 15, 26, and August 5 and 15, 2022. Summertime is busy and we know it can be difficult to schedule on those specific dates. We recommend scheduling now for the series of three consecutive treatments anytime we offer acupuncture between July 14th and August 16th and while supplies last.

For more information on what to expect, check out this great website

How to prepare for San Fu

Ancient Chinese people practiced a healthy diet to help beat the heat during the "dog days of summer".

  • It is best to avoid icy drinks and ice cream, as the heat we feel in summer is actually on the surface and not necessarily in the internal organs.

  • Choose more vegetables and eat less meat, and less oily foods.

  • The best "cooling" foods and drinks to try include: Watermelon, Mung beans, Cucumber, Lettuce, Water chestnuts, Chrysanthemum tea, Dandelion root tea, Elderflower tea / water.


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