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San Fu Moxibustion: Eliminate Asthma, Allergies and Chronic Respiratory Issues

We are excited to offer San Fu Moxibustion therapy to any interested patients over the course of the summer! Many of us may have heard of our grandmother or great grandmother applying hot mustard packs to the chest or upper back to treat respiratory issues like croup, bronchitis, or cough. In China they have a similar practice -- only the mustard, together with other hot, spicy herbs, is applied as a paste to specific acupuncture points. And here is the most interesting part: not in the fall and winter when symptoms are typically aggravated, but at the hottest time of the year. How does this work?

The practice of San Fu moxibustion has been very popular in China for those who wrestle with chronic respiratory complaints and lowered immunity, such as asthma, allergies, frequent colds, bronchitis, and emphysema--especially complaints that worsen in cold weather, or during the fall and winter. This centuries-old practice was originally referenced by a doctor by the name of Zhang Lu (1617 - 1700) during the Qing Dynasty, but has been growing in popularity in China in recent years.

During San Fu moxibustion, a medicinal paste of several “hot” herbs is applied and taped to specific acupuncture points that relate in particular to Lung health (but other acupuncture points may be used based on a patient’s unique constitution and symptoms). The paste, typically left on for four to six hours, causes irritation to the points, and may even cause a blister. The herbal paste is usually applied in three consecutive treatments during the hottest days of the year. Most people see some benefit within one application, but the real resolution occurs when you are able to receive the full sequence.

The theory of San Fu moxibustion rests in traditional Chinese medical principles of Cold and Heat and the effect of an imbalance of either in the body. In Chinese medicine, those with chronic respiratory and lowered immunity exacerbated in the winter suffer from Cold which becomes lodged in channels affecting the Lung and other organ systems. Moxibustion in general relates to applying heat through the medium of warming herbs. When applied during the hottest times of the year (the most “Yang” in Chinese medical terms), the herbs can then penetrate very deeply into the channels, lodging there for the rest of the year.

Typically, San Fu treatment dates are prescribed by the Taoist calendar, and there are only three to four dates in the summer that change depending on the year’s astrology. However, as it is difficult for many patients to come in on specific dates, the treatment can still be performed successfully if completed within the summer season, June through August. For the very best results, or for those with long-term respiratory issues spanning a number of years, it is recommended to complete the San Fu treatments three years in a row.

There is actually a clinical study (double blind, placebo controlled) documenting the effect of San Fu treatments on 323 participants with chronic asthma that you can check out here.

For a more in depth explanation of San Fu Moxibustion and how it works, check out this youtube video.

Book a series of three San Fu appointments with us today! And spread the word!

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