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Clinical Study Reveals Chinese Herbs More Effective than Infertility Drugs

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat an array of ailments including infertility. In fact, fertility management is highly researched in China, and studies are revealing Chinese herbal formulas to be safe and effective in treating infertility with no side effects. Current research shows that Chinese medicine averages 70% effectiveness in all infertility cases for both men and women versus stand alone IVF procedures with a 20% effectiveness rate. To learn more about this recent clinical study review, including 1851 women participants, click here.

In addition to being highly effective, Chinese herbs are less invasive and more cost-effective in treating infertility. They also serve to correct underlying health imbalances; while pregnancy is the common goal between traditional Chinese medicine and allopathic medicine, medicinal herbs additionally improve the quality of menstruation, ovulation, and associated symptoms which are equally important in the success of a healthy pregnancy.

To learn more about clinical research on traditional Chinese medicine and fertility, menstrual syndromes, endocrine imbalances, and more, check out Dr. Attilio D'Alberto's site.

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