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What is Acupuncture?

What is Acupuncture?

Many traditional acupuncture points exist in areas with a high concentration of nerves and blood vessels...

Denver Community Apothecary

Denver Community Apothecary

Denver Community Apothecary Offers High Quality Professional Grade Supplements and Herbs to Help You Achieve Your Optimal Lifestyle

Denver Community Acupuncture is a well established, women-owned community acupuncture and holistic health clinic located off I-25 and Speer Blvd in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver. Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality acupuncture and alternative healthcare services to everyone in our community, empowering those around us to lead healthier lives.

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COVID, Flu and Immune Support

We  continue to offer remote Chinese herbal consults for the treatment of acute viral and bacterial illness including covid 19.


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Denver Community Apothecary Online

Your source for high quality professional grade supplements online.


Wellevate is an online supplement dispensary for our supplier Emerson Ecologics.  While we do stock many of our favorite products in house, we can't carry everything. For special order items, we often direct patients to use Wellevate. When you sign up with Wellevate, you will have access to many of the natural products you love from tinctures to toothpaste. Additionally, many patients love the convenience of having them shipped right to their door. 

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If you are a returning acupuncture patient, booking online is easy!

For New Acupuncture appointments please call (720-855-3160)
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2:00pm -- 6:00pm

2:00pm -- 6:00pm

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10:00am  --1:00pm

Wondering if Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine is right for you? 

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What Our Patients Say About Us:

"DCA is truly amazing! After 8 months I now cannot imagine my life without it. I have seen all of the acupuncturists here and can't pick a favorite; they are all brilliant at what they do. I would recommend this gem to anyone!"

"Acupuncture went from a last resort to my first resource. The practitioners at DCA treat you with great warmth, professionalism and compassion. DCA is truly a place for healing."

"A wonderful first acupuncture experience. DCA is warm, comforting, and the pain relief from treatment has been dramatic. More immediately effective & affordable than any other form of therapy that I've received for neck/back issues."

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