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Clinical Study: Acupuncture Effective for Knee Pain

Researchers at the Hong Kong School of Traditional Chinese Medicine demonstrated improvement in chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis in just 6 treatments over a 2-week period. Forty participants with roughly equivalent scores in knee pain in both a neutral, non-active state and when climbing stairs, received specific acupuncture knee protocols three times a week for two weeks.

Conventional acupuncture treatments were compared with treatment that combines two points deep-needled alongside the patellar ligament, including the addition of electroacupuncture. Researchers found that deep-needling these two points resulted in significantly greater post-treatment results than more conventional acupuncture treatments that utilize points around the knee.

To learn more about these powerfully-effective acupuncture points, check out this article that discusses both the study and the points.

To read the full clinical study, click here.

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