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Eczema: Treatment Starts On the Inside

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a red, itchy rash that affects up to 30 million Americans, many of whom are children. Ranging in severity from mild, slightly itchy dry patches in small isolated areas, to angry, inflamed, painful rashes covering large portions of the body, eczema can make a person anywhere from annoyed to miserable.

Conventional medicine considers eczema to have no known cause. Therapy usually includes steroidal cream that suppresses the immune response causing the inflammation. Eczema sufferers are often condemned to applying the creams for the rest of their lives.

Functional medicine on the other hand, views eczema as an over-reaction of the immune system to a perceived threat, causing inflammation at the level of the skin. Locating the cause of the threat--whether it is coming from food sensitivities, environmental allergy sensitivities, the consumption of foods high in histamine, and/or ultimately compromised digestive function--is a crucial first step. When the threat or threats are uncovered, and the person then changes their diet and/or lifestyle, the eczema usually completely clears. While this can take time (sometimes many months) and dedication, the advantage is permanent healing and the prevention of future more serious health concerns.

To learn more about the permanent healing of eczema, read this article by Dr. Amy Myers,

an expert in the healing of autoimmune and inflammatory illness. And while you are still suffering from outbreaks, read this article on our Blog for suggestions on herbs, acupuncture, and dietary supplements to bring quick relief.

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