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Nutrition Therapy & Health Coaching

What is Nutrition Therapy?


Having good dietary nutrition helps build a foundation for wellness. However, it's not the only essential. Nutrition therapy encompasses all things that nourish the body, both physical and non-physical, taking into account whole foods/diet requirements, as well as relationships, physical activity and spirituality that together assist the body to reduce and/or prevent ailments.  

Where does Health Coaching come in?

Health coaches assess a client's overall well-being and, together with them, come up with recommendations to help enact basic health-supportive modifications. Health coaches then develop an ongoing coaching plan to support client goals while serving as an active and supportive listener. Asking questions allows the client to discover their own challenges and wellness goals. Additional therapeutic methods can include: supplementation recommendations, education and resources, and targeted referrals to other health modalities to achieve wellness.

Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching Sessions may include but are not limited to:

  • Guidance in healthy meal planning with an emphasis on a health goal such as weight management, hypertension, or insomnia   

  • Healthy recipe ideas tailored for people who are busy or on the go  

  • Nutritional recommendations and education for seniors, or support for healthy aging 

  • Support in diabetes management with a focus on dietary modifications

  • Support in achieving personal health goals such as eliminating sugar, managing high stress levels, or transitioning to a plant-based diet 

  • Support for quitting smoking or other addictions

  • Guidance in shopping for healthier foods 

For more information about our nutritional therapist Sitira Pope, and Nutrition Therapy and Health Coaching, please visit:  the

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